Let’s learn about tetanus!

A few months ago, I went to visit some college buddies in Washington DC. We hiking around Rock Creek Park, to check out the mysterious Capitol Stones–ruins and rubble from the old dome on the Capitol Building. They were tough to find, but we succeeded!

As we climbed around, we found some stones with nails and rebar protruding. Upon seeing this, I joked, “uh oh, watch out for tetanus!” One of my friends replied, “oh no, there wouldn’t be tetanus there. Tetanus likes to live in wood and in tight crevices, you wouldn’t likely encounter it on exposed metal like this. A nail recently pulled from wood however…”

This. Blew. My mind.

I realized then that I had no knowledge of tetanus, whatsoever, other the excruciating agony that is a booster shot. What is tetanus? Why is it so feared if it’s much harder to come across than we may be inclined to think? Let’s find out!