Digital Art

Please enjoy a gallery of my digital artwork. I kindly ask that these images are not distributed or changed without permission. Please email me if you’re interested in use of these images!

Cinco Flyer-01
A reimagined Mexican flag. Originally made for a promotional poster.


new years poster final-01
A plethora of apocalyptic scenarios come to fruition in this 2012 new year’s concert promo.


art neureau poster final-01
Poster ang logo design for one of my favorite outreach events! The event still continues annually.


flying a aegypti-01
Aedes agypti in flight. They may be a scourge, but they are delicate and beautiful.


final tee design-04.png
T-shirt design for National Biomechanics Day. Go Hokies!
A birthday party invitation for my dad’s 70th birthday. This image is one drawn from memory of a photograph of my dad in his 20s, looking super fly!
Logo design for aprons made for the cook staff of my Burning Man camp, Mindshark. It depicts the once-beloved, original stove in our kitchen. In its final year, it occasionally would produce 2-ft-high flames, and could only be turned off with a wrench. It has since been retired.


What else will come forth from the marvelous mind of Dr. Z? Only time will tell! Thanks for looking, and check back soon!