Black Life Scientist Project

A collection of stories from women and non-binary life scientists and nature enthusiasts

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About us

This project seeks to bring together a community Black women and non-binary people to create a book that illustrates our broad experiences, in nature, at work and in our research. This book amplifies the often quiet or silenced voices.
Publication goal: end of 2021.


We are looking for writing contributions from women and non-binary scientists from all walks of life and stages of career development. We are open to any style of creative writing–prose, poetry, satire–our goal is to represent as much of the diversity within Black femininity and gender diversity as possible. We especially seek to highlight intersectional experiences. Final pieces will be ~2500 words.

Book Sections

We’re framing the book around the arc through science-based careers: inspiration, exploration, evaluation, connection and prediction. For more information, check out the video below. Details are in the application

The Writing Sample

We’d like potential contributors to send us a short writing sample (500 words) demonstrating the style of writing they’d include in the book. Learn more in the video.

Two Black people with long hair in casual business attire sit at a table in front of a window, they are smiling at each other. On the table in front of each person are two notebooks . The people hold pens as if preparing to write.
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