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Informal STEAM Ed

Three logos as shown against white background. The largest, and closest to the top is a pale teal brain with yellow outlines. Emblazoned on the cartoon image of the brain is the word "Craniate" in white block lettering. The word has a giant C that partially encompasses the "R" and "A". Beneath the "Craniate" on the right, are the words "Superpowered Learning" in dark red print and a dark shadow.
Underneath the Craniate logo are the logos for AXON Squad- a pentagon with a similar appearance to a safety warning sign. Next to it is the logo for the MOD Capsule, a simplified pill-shaped vessel with bold black handles. The middle of the MOD Cap and AXON Squad logos are divided into 5 sections, each representing a component of STEAM: red with an image of a painter's palette & brush (Art),  yellow, with images of gears (Engineering), black, with images of a circuit board (Tech), white with gray ruler markings along the side (Math), and blue with a bubbling flask (Science).

Informal STEAM education kits designed to be radically inclusive.

Flying Snakes

Creating vision exploration tools using gaming tech.

After School

system, filled with rolls of fabric. Atop are three baskets, each one larger than the one to the left. Below the cubby is the top of a desk, on which sits a white sewing machine on the right. The eye follows a wire from the back of the sewing machine to the pedal, also sitting on the desk, on top of a green cutting mat. To the immediate left lies a large red swath of fabric, it dangles over the front and left edges of the table.

What Dr. Z does in their downtime.

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Dr. Shaz Zamore is the STEAM Outreach Coordinator and Instructor at The ATLAS Institute at CU Boulder.

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