Craniate STEAM Education Research


Craniate is looking for people who work with or have children who are ages 9-13.

If interested, please choose one of the two options below!

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Choice 1: Customer Discovery

Adult participation only.

Have frustrations in your job? Have wins that need celebrating? Participate in a 20-minute customer discovery interview! Participants will be interviewed by principal investigator and Craniate founder, Dr. Shaz Zamore.

Meetings can be scheduled at the participant’s preference via the form (link below).

After completing an interview, your child or children (child, students, mentees) are welcome to apply for user research. Parent, guardian or teacher consent is required.

If participating in this interview, please do not click the user participation form (white button) until after the interview!

Choice 2: User Research

Child participation only. Adult consent required.

With the informed consent of the responsible adult, participants, 9-13, can receive product prototypes to use and review. Any materials shared will be yours to own! Option to return items also available.

A small number of users will be invited to participate in an interview, involving a recording of users with the products. Users may decline invitation for any reason.

If you click the button below, you will be ineligible for customer discovery.

Craniate logo - seafoam green and yello cartoon human brain on which the word Craniatae is written in white.
Thank you!

This informal STEM education research is funded by CU Boulder Research & Innovation Office Seed Grant and the Boulder Outreach Award. All surveys and materials are under review by the CU Boulder Institutional Review Board (IRB) with pending approvals.

For more information, questions and concerns, please contact Dr. Shaz Zamore.