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STEAM Team print comics follow the adventures of 5 plucky middle school students who have a chance encounter with G.I.A., a genderless, cyborg scientist from the future. Follow as students from diverse backgrounds with diverse skills learn to work together to solve puzzles and thwart bad guys! Each comic issue will have interactive puzzles and a new, standalone chapter of a story.

The M.O.D. Capsule is paired with the STEAM Team, allowing readers to build devices and conduct experiments that they read about in the comic series. The MOD Capsule is named after G.I.A.’s modular toolkit, which helps the Team reach their goals. The M.O.D Capsule is standalone–providing all the tools, materials, and instructions needed to make neat devices such as vision-shifting goggles, static field detectors, and cardboard limb attachments that augment sound!

Students get exposed to and apply new STEAM concepts every month!

Craniate is a compact, transportable kit that uses recycled materials to minimize ecological impact, while maximizing access to students. Craniate is ideal for afterschool activities, home schooling, library project kits, and informal learning at home. Aimed at children ages 10-13, Craniate uses visual storytelling, hands-on activities and diverse science identities to broaden inclusion into STEAM education efforts.

The STEAM Team first-issue members
First-issue members of the STEAM Team. L to R: Aisha, a Muslim art lover, and our reluctant team leader. Hanna, a reclusive robot whiz, and protector of her dear friend, Frankie. Frankie, a trans Latinx boy who loves geometry in art and has a real knack for terrible puns. G.I.A. a cybernetic, genderless scientist from the future, who travels back in time to thwart Malus, an evil doer with unknown plans for 2023. G.I.A. must remain hidden from the world, and helps the students from afar.