Superpowered Learning

With time-traveling, cyborg scientists, superpowered kids, and experiments using fantastical devices, Craniate is a STEAM kit like no other! Craniate is a two-part package that treats young minds to neuroscience through the interactive comic Axon Squad, complemented by MOD Capsule’s experiments. Created by a diverse team of artists, scientists, engineers, and designers, Craniate is STEM learning for the future!

Participants in Craniate’s research will receive free packages every two months. In AXON Squad, readers will learn about neuroscience, biomechanics and other interdisciplinary STEAM fields through visual storytelling.

Two frames show a comic scene. On the left Aisha, a Black muslim girl has a hand on her chin, pondering. On the right, Hanna, a Filipina is pinching her nose and pointing to dumpsters behind her. The dumpsters are shrouded in a blue whispy smoke–these are smells that Hanna is able to see.

The scientist, G.I.A. has only one possession from the future: a capsule called the Modular Opening Depot (or a MOD Capsule). Participants will receive a real world MOD Capsule! In it, they’ll find instructions to build a futuristic device that can be used to conduct experiments. The MOD Capsule help students learn about physics and neuroscience, and encourage playful exploration.

Science, after all, is simply organized curiosity. 
-Ron Harris Warrick, Ph.D.
Three frames show visual assembly instructions for the Static Electric Gauntlet. The leftmost panel shows a hand inserting a tube (highlighted in yellow) into a cardboard glove (the gauntlet) that has a box on top.The center shows wire from a battery pack on the left snapping together with a wire that runs to the box. This is the same box from on top of the cardboard glove. The third panel shows a left-handed, fully assembled glove. The box on top has a light with a directional arrow showing the way to point two antenna that stick out the front of the box. Just behind the box is the battery pack from the previous panel.

Craniate learning materials are compact, transportable and use recycled materials to minimize ecological impact while maximizing access to a true diversity of learners.