Superpowered Learning

The AXON SQUAD print comics follow the adventures of 3 plucky middle school students who have a chance encounter with G.I.A., a genderless, cyborg scientist from the future. Follow students from diverse backgrounds with diverse skills as they learn to work together to solve puzzles and thwart bad guys! Each comic features interactive puzzles and a new, standalone episode of a story.

The M.O.D. Capsule is AXON Squad’s complementary experiment kit. With it, subscribers will build devices and conduct experiments that they read about in the comic series. The M.O.D. Capsule is named after G.I.A.’s modular toolkit, which helps the Squad understand their newfound powers and stop evildoers. The M.O.D. Capsule is standalone–providing all the tools, materials, and instructions needed to make neat devices such as vision-shifting goggles, static field detectors, and cardboard limb attachments that augment sound!


Craniate aims to produce content that represents and includes as much diversity as possible, with language and images from various cultures, minimal text to accommodate varying reading abilities and minimal fine-motor skill requirements to accommodate varying physical abilities. Craniate is ideal for afterschool activities, home schooling, library project kits, and informal learning at home. Created for students aged 9-13, Craniate uses visual storytelling, hands-on activities and diverse science identities to broaden inclusion into STEAM education efforts.

The Craniate Team

Shaz Zamore (they/them/theirs) – Principle Investigator/Director – creates story content (storylines, scripting, games) and develops kit experiments, community networking, prototyping, & funding.

Harly Ellis (they/them/theirs) – Lead Artist – (not shown) creates character designs, does layout, some inking, storyboarding. Creates content (storylines, scripting) and edits scripts. Primary creator of the AXON Squad universe.

Arva Syed (she/her/hers) – Artist/Designer – creates logos, brand concepts, and layout for AXON Squad (lines, coloring & inking) and The MOD Capsule. Design, brand and SWOT research. 

Yamelit Medina-Lopez (she/her/hers) – 3D CAD Development – designs & creates 3D, virtual scenes for AXON Squad.

Zhixing Yao (he/him/his) – 3D CAD Development – designs & creates 3D, virtual scenes for AXON Squad.

Chase Gordanier (he/him/his) – Engineer/Designer – creates concepts, prototypes and content for The MOD Capsule. Conducts STEAM education research and tests and creates experiments.