Digging into 3D design!

Greetings, my curious companions! It has been a while since I have last posted. Most of this is due to the aforementioned accident, but also because I have been dipping a toe–no, more like cannonballing into 3D design.

The latest stage of my research has brought me to building effectively levels of video games for my slithery, serpentine sidekicks. It’s been great fun, and only a little frustrating!

I’ve most recently developed a little app for the upcoming Virginia Science Festival, to demonstrate how depth information helps us discern size. In other words, how do we know if something is giant but far away, or small but really close? If you can check out Virginia Tech’s Festival this weekend, you can find the answer for yourself!

I have a bundle of things in the works, so no fear, your curiosities will be quenched (or at the very least, tickled) shortly! Hooray!

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