Why does a narwhal have a horn?

Well, tusk, actually. For a long time, we had ideas–but no real proof–as to why narwhals have a horn. Scientists discovered one use for the majestic tusks…with DRONES!

By flying drones out over the arctic sea, scientists at the World Wildlife Fund of Canada and Oceans Canada captured video of narwhals using their highly sensitive head-tooth to hunt for fish.

“The use of drones is pretty unique because it gives us a bird’s eye view that’s close enough to the animals that it doesn’t disturb them at all, but at the same time gives us a close enough image to [see] how the animals are feeding and how they’re behaving,” says researcher Bob Hodgson. “It’s a new perspective.”

Narwhals were seen flicking the fish (arctic cod) to stun them, making them a sleepy delicious snack! Dr. Marianne Marcoux describes the behavior as “remarkably agile,” being able to flip and toss the fish with a subtle motion of the head.

Learn more in the videos below!

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